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Who Are We?

We are a team of enthusiast workers who want to make it possible to let their customers have access to every single high-quality perfume brand at reasonable prices. We believe in technology and that is why we are working hard to make it easier for you to shop with us.

Why Shop On Perfume Hop?

  • We are reliable.
  • We value our customers.
  • Perfume Hop is the leading perfumes store online.
  • Excellent savings on world’s most famous brands.

Available Shopping Methods

Connect your personal computer to the internet and start browsing hundreds of quality perfume brands in moments.

Our mobile friendly design helps you browse through our website with utmost ease. See! Shopping on mobile has never been easier before. Our mobile app will also be launched soon!

Don’t worry if you can’t access your laptop or mobile phone to order a product. You can contact us on (503) 446-1412 and book the order right away.